Gemological instruments used for this appraisal may include:

  • GIA/AGS Master Color Grading Diamonds
  • Gem Dialogue Color Grading
  • Gem Instruments Mark VII Stereo Binocular Microscope
  • 10X Hand Loupe
  • Leverage Gauge
  • Electronic Weight Scale
  • Electronic Gold Karat Tester
  • Acid Gold Tester
  • Polariscope
  • Dichroscope
  • Refractometer
  • Specific Gravity Liquids

Each item has been examined and researched to the best of my ability to determine value for the function of insurance coverage only. The procedure, wording and values would be different for any other function. The values expressed are based on current information on the date made and no opinion is expressed either as to any long range future value or as to any past value.

Possession of the report or any copy does not carry with it the right of publication nor may the same be used for any purpose by anyone but the above named without the previous written consent of the appraiser and in any event, only in its entirety and with the proper qualifications and cover letter.

No change of any item on the appraisal report shall be made by anyone other then the appraiser, and the appraiser shall have no responsibility for any such unauthorized change.

Testimony or attendance on court or at any other hearing is not required by reason of rendering this report unless such arrangements are made a reasonable time on advance and commissioned at an agreed upon rate as of that date.

The specific description of the gems or jewelry is for the sole purpose of identification in order to determine the parameters for valuation. The description is based upon grading and other techniques and equipment available to, and used by appraiser at time of examination. The description may reasonably vary from other descriptions of the item listed, and may vary in the future as a result of changes and improvements in grading techniques and equipment, When items are marked with the fineness of the metal: the appraised value is based on the marking, unless otherwise stated. When there is no marking on an item the method used to estimate the metal content is the nature and appearance of the material as well as the appraiser's experience and metal testing capabilities. Each item listed has been examined and the condition is indicated in the report. Ordinary wear common to these item is note noted.

This report is offered with no other contingent or limiting conditions which would affect the values stated. Employment to make this report and compensation for it are note contingent upon the value'(s) found.