Colored Stones

TYPENatural - Synthetic - Imitation
RIRefractive Index
CARATLoose - Mounted - Leverage Group
CUTFaceted - Cabachon - Bead
PROPORTION & SYMMETRYExcellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor
POLISHExcellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor
CLARITYEYE GRADE FI/FREE of Inclusions LI/Lightly Included
MI/Moderately Included
HI/Heavily Included
Excessively Included
FL VVS1 - VVS2 - VS1 -VS2 - SII - S12 - I1-12-13
COLORGem Dialogue - Color Chart - Zone
Color Mask - Brown - Black
COLOR BRIGHTINESSBrights - Moderate to Bright
Moderate - Moderate to Dull - Dull
TRANSPARENCYTransparent - Transparent to Translucent- Translucent
PHENOMENONExcellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor
ASTERISMPerfection of Star Brightness of Star
CHATOYANCYPerfection of Eye - Brightness of Eye
Open and Close Effect - Milk and Honey Effect
COLOR CHANGEDesireability of Colors - Strength
Strength of Color Change
PLAY OF COLORDistribution of Color
Strength of Colors
Desireability of Colors
POLARISCOPESinglely Refractive - Remain Dark
Doubley Refractive
Light and Dark every 90 degrees Aggregates Doubley Refractive
Remain Light
GEM DIALOGUEA Color Description and Grading System Designating Tone Hue and Intensity