Minnestona Large State of Minnesota Pendant


This is a one of a kind, Hand Carved State of Minnesota in Lace Agate, with Druzy Quartz in the center,  and comes with a gray 24 inch Rolo Chain

(Lace agate (also known as Mexican Agate) is young in comparison to many other minerals on Earth. Found exclusively within the area known as Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico, this lacy agate is known not only for its stunning banded patterns, but its powerful healing energies as well. Lace agate is believed to have been created in the cretaceous period, about 65-90 million years ago) https://www.firemountaingems.com/resources/encyclobeadia/gem-notes/gmstnprprtscrzy

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Hand Carved, State of Minnesota, Lace Agate with Druzy Quartz in the center,  with 24 inch Rolo Chain